I Pray For The Destruction Of The Airline Industry During Sunday Mass....1,000 Flights Canceled

Entire Town of Paradise Wiped Out By Butte County Wildfire Because The Catholic Church In Town Did Not Observe Rogation Days In May

CAMP FIRE: ONLY The NEW MASS Is Offered In The Town Paradise, California - The Ordinary Form CAUSED The DEATH Of Dozens By Camp Fire + God Is Taking Vengeance For The Irreverence & Impiety Of NEW MASS Unless The Mass Is Restored To Its Former Glory There Will Be More Death and Destruction

RAD TRAD Charges Priest On Altar Screaming Profanities Against The NEW MASS During Live EWTN Broadcast (VIDEO)

Pope Francis - St Peter's Basilica - Holy Mass for deceased Cardinals and Bishops 2018.11.03

Pope Francis - Laurentino Cemetery - Holy Mass for all the faithful departed 2018.11.02

Holy Mass on the Solemnity of All Saints from Cologne Cathedral 1 November 2018 HD

Pope St Paul VI Patron Saint Of The Rock Mass: Abusi liturgici Chiesa Albiano (Trento) - Messa Rock - 3 (Offertorio)