Noooooooooooooooooo Make Them Stop!

Just One More I Have To Share Before The Month Closes: Stand Up, Stand Up - Today's "Liturgy" In France.


Michelle Williams SAY YES - Puerto Rico Choreography

Peace & Reconciliation Can't Be Too Far Behind.........

Pope Francis Says The Stripped And Barren New Mass For Peace And Reconciliation 2014.08.18

Pope Francis Says The Stripped & Barren (Closing) New Mass Of The 6th Asian Youth Day 2014.08.17

There's Plenty More Where That Came From!!

Pope Francis Celebrates The Stripped And Barren New Mass For The Beatification Of Paul Yun Ji-Chung And 123 Martyr Companions 2014.08.16

Had Enough?

Pope Francis Meeting With The Asian Youth 2014.08.15


Pope Francis Celebrating The Stripped And Barren New Mass On The Solemnity Of The Assumption 2014.08.15


Video: IN ENGLISH Pope Francis The Destroyer Meeting With The South Korean Authorities 2014-08-14


Do You Understand How Hard It Is To Restore The Latin Mass Now That The Whole World Is Infected With The Stripped And Barren New Mass?

Stripped And Barren New Mass Java


Pope Francis Prayer And Meeting With The German Altar Servers

Stripped And Barren New Mass With Cardinal Fernando Filoni - The Pope's New Envoy To Iraq

Jump, Jump, Jumping For Jesus........

Jumping For Jesus

Remember It Was The Stripped And Barren New Mass On The Border That Gave You The Rotten Fruit Of The US Border Crisis

No...No....There's No Problem.........Yeshua Grupo de Dança - Viver Pra Mim é Cristo

Padre Fabio de Melo Sings For Pope Francis In Copacabana

Rome Burns & Priests Sing: PADRE ZEZINHO Sings

Rock On Padre! Padre Marcelo Rossi - Deus é Dez

Padre Marcelo Rossi - Sings Sou Um Milagre (Video Ao Vivo)

I'm Watching You.....

Yeshua Grupo de Dança - Ressuscitou


How About A Little Dance During Mass - Pax Domini - Viver pra mim é Cristo


Padre Marcelo Rossi - Sings Treacherous Nights