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Sunday Mass for March 10th | Rebuilt Faith | Week 5

Dancing Nuns

Nuns, seminarians, priests dancing! (part 2)

"We Will Say" by Feast Worship

"Gloria" by Feast Worship

"You Reign" by Feast Worship

Jumping nuns

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Fr. Joseph Espaillat: "Are you on God mode"1

Fr. Joseph Espaillat: "Are you on God mode"2

DEEPLY DISTURBED: Indefensible errors in the 'Divine Will' writings. The texts condemn themselves.

NOT FOR CHILDREN. The "Divine Will" devotion is repulsive, from the ultimate spiritual predator.

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Sunday Mass for March 3rd | Rebuilt Faith | Week 4

rockmesse in karnburg. Georg Mattitsch und Luzy Dalmatiner

jazzmesse in a

Locomotive Breath Mass

Rock Mass Mess

Pink Floyd Mass

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+IHS PASSION OF OUR LORD: The 20 Meditation Of The Examination Of Pilate