St. Raymond/St. Leo Catholic Church Adult Liturgical Dancers

Liturgical Dance in Liverpool Cathedral

Again As Always Pope Francis Refuses To Recite The Nicene Creed During Palm Sunday Stripped And Barren New Mass 2015.03.29

WTF!! French Provincial Minister Michel Laloux Expressed Himself In Dance During Our Morning Mass For The Annunciation.


New Mass Going Mob Riots During Bishop's Installation In Chile!!! Try Praying During this Mass!!

I Must Be Stinking Drunk!! I See A Pink Dinosaur Singing And Dancing During The Stripped And Barren New Mass

VIDEO: A Masterstroke Of Evil Genius: Louie Verrecchio On The Stripped And Barren New Mass

Liturgical Dance In 2010 Reconciliation Stripped And Barren Mass "With All I Am" by Hillsong

Remote Controlled Car Stripped And Barren New Mass!!!

Not A Clown Mass......Something Better!! A Stripped And Barren New Mass With A Time Machine.....Some Kids.....Dancing......



John Allen Jr.: "The Francis Mission: Progress Report on a Populist Pope and His Historic Reform

REC2015 | Entire Arena sings "Here I Am Lord" to Sr Edith

REC2015 | Liturgia Eucarística | Español con Arzobispo Carlo Viganò

REC2015 | Eucharistic Liturgy: Hall B with Fr. Richard Rohr

REC2015 | Period 6 | Fr. Tony Ricard

REC2015 | Period 5 | GIA presents The Old Gravel Road

REC2015 | Sesión 5 | Canónigo Dr. Eduardo Chávez Sánchez

REC2015 | Period 4 | Episcopalian Rev. Terry Hershey

Tony Palmer Couldn't Make It - He's Dead! Evangelical Heretic Pastor Rick Warren Is Keynote Speaker For 2015 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

REC2015 | Morning Praise With Liturgical Dancers!!!

Praise And Worship Concert With Spirit & Song 2015 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

Stripped And Barren New Mass IN Spanish! Liturgia eucarística en Sala B: Español con Arzobispo José Gomez, Celebrante

Listen To SODOMITE Jesuit Rev. Richard Leonard Mock Tradition At Stripped And Barren New Mass For The 2015 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress


REC2015 | Opening Rite & Welcome | Ceremonia de Oración y Bienvenida

REC2015 | Period 3 | Rev. Bryan N. Massingale

REC2015 | Sesión 3 | Dr. Hosffman Ospino

OK.... South American Singing & Dancing New Mass Going Catholic Girls Gone Hefty & Nasty: MELANIE Y SUS SEDUCTORAS MUCHACHITAS DEL AMOR 2013-CARITA DE INOCENTE

REC2015 | Period 2 | Fr. James Mallon

REC2015 | Sesión 1 | Rev. Domingo Rodriguez Zambrana