Todos Todos Todos! "Cruel" Bishop Bans Mass in Austin

Bishop Joe Steve Vásquez of Austin, 66, Texas, has banned the Roman Mass at the Cathedral of Austin from 19 March. The mass had been celebrated in Austin since Advent 1988 and in the cathedral since 2007. In a statement (11 February), Monsignor Vásquez writes that he asked extremist Cardinal Arthur Roche about the issue and was told to enforce a ban. As a consolation prize, he will introduce two Sunday Novus Ordo Eucharists in Latin, presided over from the high altar, for which there will probably be little demand. The bishop added some Orwelllian newspeak denying the harsh reality of the Novus Ordo: "I believe we will experience a deepened unity with the whole Church and a greater awareness of the liturgical richness [sic] of the ordinary form of the Roman liturgy." The Catholics of Austin responded in a statement that their Mass community at the cathedral has been able to integrate into the larger Cathedral parish, making the prohibition even more "painful". "We are losing not only the liturgy we love, but also our parish family." Key quote: "Cruelty was not the intention, but cruelty is the effect." Source