NY Archdiocese staff have been CLEARLY identified as involved: Mr. Joseph Zwilling Fr. Edward Dougherty, M.M. Fr. Andrew King

Funeral of the Big Whore: Responsible Now Claim that They Didn't Know Anything... 
Following the outrage over the scandalous funeral of the big prostitute at St Patrick's Cathedral in New York on 15 February, the rector claimed that he too shared the outrage over the "scandalous behaviour" of those present. Reverend Enrique Salvo assured in a statement on 17 February that he had already presided an "appropriate" Eucharist of Reparation at the direction of the (opportunistic) Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The priest failed to provide any further information, such as why this alleged Eucharist was presided over in secret. Salvo claimed that he was "unaware" of the funeral plans. But as rector it is his duty to know what's going on in his cathedral. "I knew nothing" is the usual phrase used by clerics to evade responsibility. Rev. Salvo's statement was released by Joseph Zwilling, director of communications for the Archdiocese of New York, who protested: "We don't do background checks on people who come to us for funerals." This explanation is highly implausible, as the person in question was well known. The presider of the funeral, Rev. Dougherty, referred to the male transvestite with female pronouns and simply went along with the charade. There is no information that he was punished for his deed. Source