How Come Brad Pitt's Bullet Train Has A Quiet Car But The FSSP Rad Trads Do Not Have A Quiet Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass?


Why do FSSP'ers want noise and chaos at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

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I'm starting to mull over the real reason the Orthodox broke away from the Roman Catholic Church.

Stubborn women and their wicked counsel.

Three things about the Orthodox:

1. Married Priests (Can't separate themselves from a Woman's filthy parts.)
2. Infant Communion
3. One Service on Sunday

I bet the real reason why the Orthodox separated themselves from the Roman Catholic Church is because the wicked women wanted to breast feed their screaming and crying infant during the Mass. The Priest told them it is not necessary to bring an infant to Mass since the Infant can  not receive and it is better for the mother to stay home with the screaming and crying infant so as to attend to the needs of the infant in the safety of the home. The Priest further said that if the Mother wanted to attend Mass then she could go to an earlier Mass without the Infant or later Mass without the Infant since each priest at the Parish said his own Mass.

So this is what the wicked woman did:

1. Withheld their privy parts from their horny husbands
2. Demanded that Infants receive Communion
3. Demanded that there would be only ONE Mass on Sundays.

With the three above demands we have the Orthodox faith - Married Priests and screaming crying infants during only ONE Mass on Sunday!

I bet you that's the real reason.

They just came up with Theological differences so as not to embarrass horny old men.

The Mass should be Silent.

You Rad Trad men have turned the Mass into a chaotic noise making event.

You sensual Rad Trad men will not correct your wives because you need the vagina. 

Lady FSSP'ers be like......