New Catholic At Rorate Caeli Promoting Rad Trad Mobs To Riot Weekly In Front Of The Nunciature In Washington DC: How Long Before They Firebomb The Apostolic Nunciature Of The Holy See

Apostolic Nunciature Of The Holy See 

Will keep an eye out for the weekend riots.

Remember these are the same people who carry one or more firearms on their person when attending the Latin Mass.

What makes anyone think that they won't carry weapons on their person when in front of The Apostolic Nunciature Of The Holy See?

And what make anyone think that these Rad Trad Mobs will keep their passions in check?

Violence and more violence is in store.

Here is one of those responsible for the coming Rad Trad Riots:

It is well past time for American Traditional Catholics, especially those in the DC region, to follow the lead of French Catholics and organize weekly protests in front of the Nunciature in Washington DC. Ideally, those protests would culminate in huge national rallies of Traditional Catholics praying and celebrating the Traditional Mass, once or twice a year, showing Francis' ambassador that we are here, that we will always be here, and making sure he transmits to Francis' minions in Rome that, like good bread dough, the more they punch us, the more we will rise -- and rise up. We have tried sheepishness and timidity for one year, and they clearly have confused our pacifism for cowardliness. The March for Life has shown that a simple witness of presence and prayer can achieve miracles. We hope those with organizational skills will pursue this course. This too shall pass, and our descendants will be proud of our struggle for Christ and His Church. Source