Liturgical Scholar Father John Hunwicke: Francis’ Heart Is Radically Corrupted

Liturgical Scholar: Francis’ Heart Is Radically Corrupted 
Father John Hunwicke, a liturgist and convert from Anglicanism, traces the liturgical rites of Rome, Antioch, and Alexandria back to the Apostles. He refers to St Irenaeus of Lyon (+202), one of the earliest Church Fathers. These rites were “committed to the Apostles and handed down within the churches they founded” according to Hunwicke talking to (video below) at the Roman Forum, a Catholic gathering in Gardone, Italy. Cardinal Ratzinger was very insistent about the early rites apostolic authenticity. Hunwicke notices that the Canon of Mass is “more ancient than many people assume.” Liturgical studies show that early Christian worship was not a table fellowship but possessed „ritual complexity.“ He refers to Ratzinger and the Catechism who both say „rather brutally and frankly“ that “the pope cannot change the liturgy“ in accordance with his private preferences. The fact that Francis put Traditionis custodes into effect the next morning after its publication is for Hunwicke "a remarkable indication of the complete lack of confidence he has in his brother bishops“ and a „sign of a radical corruption in his heart that he can’t trust his fellow bishops.“ Therefore Francis is forced to say, “All this little, pettifogging, anti-traditional instructions of mine come into effect 4.30AM the next day when L'Osservatore Romano is on the bookstalls.“ Hunwicke calls Francis’ action „thoroughly disgraceful.“ He stresses that the English version of TC demands that bishops „shall consult“ with the Holy See about newly ordained priests who want to celebrating the Roman Mass. But six months later, Neo-Cardinal Arthur Roche, head of the Liturgy Congregation, came up with a Latin version that orders bishops to have the agreement of the Holy See. This shows for Hunwicke that Roche is playing games because he "and his playmates” used the Latin version of TC to make things even more rigid. Source