FSSP Dr Taylor Marshall Says We Go To Mass To Be In The Presence Of Christ Crucified So Bring Your Glock Or Any Semi-Automatic Handgun

Who had weapons at the foot of the Cross?

Roman Soldiers and Jews.

So if you are in the Presence of Jesus Christ Crucified at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (and you are) then why would you bring a weapon to Mass like the Romans and Jews did at the Crucifixion?

Dr. Taylor Marshall: Every man should own at least one gun. A Colt 45 for a revolver. A semi-automatic handgun (I prefer any 1911 model for .45 ACP and Glock in .40 cal). A trusty deer rifle (I like 270 Wby and 30-06). A shot gun for ducks and doves (12 gauge side by side or pump-action). Owning a firearm is a rite of passage. Ever male needs a sidearm. Source

Another reason why the FSSP should be shut down.

Dr. Taylor Marshall is a product of the FSSP he attends the Latin Mass at their Parish in Texas. Marshall encourages carrying firearms on your person when attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

So when Marshall says: We Go To Mass To Be In The Presence Of Christ Crucified...does he really mean it? Why would you carrying a gun or two or three on your person in the presences of Jesus Christ Crucified during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

What does that say about your spiritual life?