"There Is No More Room For You" Monsignor Lino Silvestri Tells Latin Mass Crowd At In San Ferdinando di Palazzo Church, Naples

Dirty Game: Archbishop Sabotages Mass By Appointing Hostile Celebrant 

Naples' Catholics will not have a Christmas Mass which had been celebrated for over 20 years in San Ferdinando di Palazzo Church, reports Ansa.it (December 21). The organisers asked Naples Archbishop Domenico Battaglia, 58, for the continuation of the Masses in accordance with Traditionis Custodes. Those attending the Mass include members of ancient Neapolitan families, professors, students and entrepreneurs. Battaglia granted the request but nominated Monsignor Lino Silvestri, the Church's rector, as the celebrant. When the faithful contacted Silvestri, he declined to celebrate saying on the phone that “there is no more room for you,” and refusing a meeting. Now the group prepares a public petition to the Archbishop and wants to appeal to ... Francis. Source