Cardinal Brandmüller Claims: There “Never" Was A Mass Of All Times

Cardinal Brandmüller Claims: There “Never" Was a Mass of All Times 

is not permissible to "demonise any liturgical development" in the name of a "Mass of all times" that "never existed," Dubia-Cardinal Walter Brandmüller demonises on (9 December) a position that no one has ever taken. He describes liturgical "progressives" and "traditionalists" as "squabblers" and, oddly enough, places himself in a middle position between their views which he considers both wrong. Brandmüller has always been a follower of liturgical New Rite conformism. Any liturgical polemic is for him a "grotesque contradiction" to the will of the Lord, who spoke so forcefully at the "institution of the Eucharist" of the "unity of His own with Him and among themselves." Brandmüller glosses over the fact that "liturgical polemics" only began with the Novus Ordo revolution and have never ceased since. Presupposing a Manichean separation of form and content, he moralises that not the "form" is crucial in the liturgy, but the "conscientiousness, care, devotion and dignity” with which it is performed. Subjectivist arguments of this kind can be used to justify any kind of liturgy, including Amazon or homosex shows. For Brandmüller, the "liturgical discord” within the Church weakens it, however, in the dying diocesan parishes the Novus Ordo reigns unopposed Source