Sacrilegious Joe Biden Got His Ashes And Received Sacrilegious Communion On Ash Wednesday....One Of These Days He Will Drop Dead During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass...

Publicly supporting Sodomy and Abortion makes for a Sacrilegious Communion 

Statement by President Joe Biden on Ash Wednesday

Today, I join Christians across our country and around the world in observing Ash Wednesday. As we enter into the season of Lent, we know this moment of repentance, reflection, and renewal comes in the midst of a painful winter for our nation and the world. 

On this Ash Wednesday and every day, we hold every family with an empty place at their table in our hearts. We pray for all those who have fallen on hard times and are worried about what morning will bring. Let us find strength in each other and faith that provides us purpose. And let us look with hope and anticipation toward Easter and brighter days ahead.  Source


Sacrilegious Joe is very much distracted as he enters Church to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

No preparation whatsoever....

What a true ruler would do as he enters the Church to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass....

A Prayer Entering The Church

O Lord, in the multitude of thy mercies, will I enter into thy house, I will worship towards thy holy temple, and will confess thy name: O take from me (most merciful Lord) all mine iniquities, to the end I may with a pure and contrite heart, enter into the holy of holies. 1596 Written by one of my very and long dead spiritual directors....

Sacrilegious Joe didn't pray this prayer.

Instead Sacrilegious Joe got his ashes and received his Sacrilegious Communion on Ash Wednesday

Biden receives ashes at Georgetown for Ash Wednesday 

President Biden received ashes at Georgetown University on Wednesday to mark the Christian holy day of Ash Wednesday. According to the White House, Biden received ashes from the Rev. Brian O. McDermott, S.J. at Georgetown University’s Wolfington Hall. He was greeted by the Rev. Ronald Anton, S.J. Biden was not seen publicly receiving ashes. The trip Wednesday morning demonstrates Biden’s effort to continue his traditions as a Catholic while president. Biden is only the second Catholic president in U.S. history, after John F. Kennedy. Biden regularly attended Mass at his home parish in Wilmington, Del., during the campaign and transition, and plans to continue his tradition of attending Sunday Mass while at the White House. Biden over his two prior weekends in the district attended Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, a church that he frequented while serving as vice president under former President Obama’s administration. Source

Conquering the world for Jesus Christ Crucified takes patience and a lot of prayers.

Have a good Lent.