Dead Starlings Line The Streets Of Rome: Warning Of A Chastisement

What no one speaks of in the already panic-stricken climate caused by virus fears is an impending chastisement from God on Rome. 

Multiple prophecies of seers and Saints approved by the Church speak of a great chastisement falling on Rome, which will have abandoned the Faith. St. John Bosco, for example, saw Rome’s destruction where villas and palaces had become the litter of squares and streets. 

Then, there is the famous prophecy of St. Malachy who was given a vision of the last 112 Popes starting from his time up to the last (which would be Francis), at which time Rome, “the seven hilled city will be destroyed and the terrible Judge will judge His people.” 

There is also widespread belief, well founded, I believe, that the Third Secret of Fatima speaks of the destruction of Rome. 

The mysterious death of the starlings of Rome could well be a sign from Heaven of a coming chastisement of unfaithful Rome. Source