WOKE Rebelious New Mass Going Teens Smear Dog Feces On Blessed Virgin Mary Statue At St. Michael Church in Jersey City

What do you get when New Mass goers allow their kids to run amok during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?


Virgin Mary Statue In New Jersey Desecrated, Covered In Dog Feces By Vandal

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Police are looking for the vandal who desecrated a statue of the Virgin Mary outside a church in New Jersey. The statue at St. Michael Church in Jersey City had to be cleaned up after its face was found covered in dog feces and a cigarette on Friday. The crime wasn’t discovered until a parishioner arriving for midday mass alerted the pastor to the vandalism. “It’s heart wrenching to contemplate the anguish and pain that an individual must be experiencing to commit such an act. Our prayers go out to the parish members and staff of St. Michael’s Church and to all the faithful,” a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Newark said in a statement. The pastor told CBS2 he forgives the person who did this and even offered help them, if he or she comes forward. Source

This is the rotten fruit of all those who attend the New Mass.

Along with the constant blasphemy of the Holy Name in Jersey City add desecration......and we know that God does eventually punish such sins.....

Keep an eye on Jersey City and see how soon the wicked of Jersey City have to hold a vigil and create a makeshift memorial with balloons flowers and candles etc...