The Exterior Visible Sacrifice, of The Holy Sacrifice of The MASS Is So Absolutely Necessary,To The Perfection Of A Commonwealth...

The strength of a kingdom is the unity , or concord of the subjects amongst themselves, and with their Sovereign under God; and by visible Sacrifice, not only a league of friendship, and civil unity is made amongst men, by the participation and communion of the thing, that is sacrificed, but also there passeth, as it were a covenant betwixt God and them, whereby they become his particular people, and He their God, and Protector, without whose particular providence and protection, no Commonwealth can either prosper or stand.

Whereupon it cometh to pass, that there cannot be any perfect Commonwealth or well framed monarchy, without the offering of Visible Sacrifice to God; for which cause Aristotle , in the 7. of his politics, speaking of the things which are precisely necessary to the preservation of a Commonwealth (guided by the light of abundant reason) giveth order that Special care be had of the Sacrifice to the Gods: because this is the end and office of the Visible Sacrifice, to unite men with God, and amongst themselves; as further witnesseth St. Augustine in the 5. Chapter of his 10. book of the City if God; saying: Whatsoever things we read, to have been command by God divers ways, concerning sacrifices in ministry of the tabernacle, or of the temple, they are referred unto the love of God, and of our neighbor; by which love peace, unity, and concord, the Commonwealth is established. 

Wherefore, seeing that some kind of Exterior Visible Sacrifice, is so absolutely necessary, both to the state of Religion, and the perfection of a Commonwealth, as that they cannot well stand, or be without them, it cannot be that Jesus Christ Our Lord, the wisdom of His eternal Father, should either establish a Religion, or plant a Commonwealth amongst men without the institution of a daily Sacrifice. Anonymus Eremita 1637 

Want to know why there will be much bloodshed and chaos in the world?

Because we have neglected the Exterior Visible Sacrifice, of The Holy Sacrifice of The MASS.

The Impiety shown during the NEW MASS does not bring about peace between our neighbor and God. 

There will be no protection from God for those impious who attend the NEW MASS.

Call this a new feature on this blog - pointing out the obvious.