Climate Change Is The Caused By Those Who Pay Lip Service To Religion

New feature on this blog pointing out the fact  that those who pay lip service to religion are destroying the world. 

Who pays lip service to religion? 

 Those that pretend that one religion is as good as another. 

 All Protestants pay lip service to religion. Most Catholics pay lip service to religion.

Church Fathers say that the continual Holy Sacrifice helps to conserve the World. At the end of days during the reign of Antichrist the Holy Sacrifice will cease ushering in the fire of the final conflagration.

The goal of the Antichrist and Satan is to destroy the world and to destroy souls.

To carry out the destruction of the world Satan will try to destroy the Holy Sacrifice.

Satan will use wicked men to help in this destruction of the world.

Satan uses wicked Protestants (including Trump) and wicked Catholics to help carry out the destruction of the World.

For now Satan is destroying the World be means of the irreverence and impiety of the Priest is celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The most efficient way in destroying the Holy Sacrifice is with the introduction of the NEW MASS.

The New Mass is still the Holy Sacrifice but the New Liturgy introduces impiety and irreverence - it makes it easier to be irreverent. You should know this by experience. 

The laity participate in the destruction of the world with their impiety during the New Mass.

So you wanna destroy the World?

1. Show irreverence and impiety during the New Mass (most of you already do this)
2. Pay lip service to religion - believe that one religion is a good as another.
3. Help to perpetuate man-made modern democracy by casting ballot after ballot.

With these three steps you will be contributing to the destruction of the World.