New Mass Mess: Old Ladies Disruptive Bad Behavior During The New Mass!

Its really a problem of those in the pew who do not and refuse to behave themselves.

I kneel and try to pray before Mass. I’m trying to say those preparatory prayers that used to be in the old missal, but seem to have been banished, certainly from the experience of the churchgoers, because the place is usually abuzz with conversation. Mainly I hear whispers from old ladies. It would tend to be old ladies, since as to their demographic opposites, young men, they have been wiped out in a massacre, and are nowhere to be found.

A woman ascends the pulpit. She says her name, and welcomes everybody. I do not want to know her name, and I am trying to pray. She announces the names of the readers, the Eucharistic ministers, and the altar servers. She announces the name of the priest. At one church, I am urged to get up (if I can; they make allowances for people with disabilities) and greet the people around me by name. I do not want to do this. I find it false. I do not remember the names of strangers, and I do not like to give my name out to strangers, either. It’s an act of aggressive etiquette, parading as bonhomie. I do not go to church for bonhomie. For that, if I ever wanted it, I would go to a bar and order gin and tonic.

The choir, milling about up front, finally put themselves in order. Then comes the hymn....Source