Why Are Rad Trads Watching Westworld Four-Minute Long Sex Scene Then Claiming That Westworld Stumbles Upon a Catholic Dogma

Rad Trad Matthew Archbold  must of watched Westworld Season 1, Episode 5 with the four minute sex scene and thought nothing of it. He wants to to watch it as well.

Now Matthew Archbold praises a later Westworld episode claiming there are Catholic elements or Catholic Dogma found therein - something about original sin or something. I guess if a later episode has Catholic teachings then Matthew Archbold is justified in watching the sex scene in Season 1, Episode 5?

Why bother?

Why do Catholics feel the need to find some Catholic elements in a perverted TV show?

Is it not better to read study meditate on the Catholic faith using Catholic resources instead of turning to some perverted TV show?

Another example of the rotten fruits of those who attend the New Mass