Actions Of An Atheist Or New Mass Goer? Jogger Caught Destroying Homeless Man's Camp

Atheist or new mass goer?

This jogger probably screamed at the homeless guy:

You made bad life choices!

You made bad life choices!

You made bad life choices!

He could be out for a morning jog to the Church to go to the new mass - I think his outfit is acceptable for new mass attendance.*

Heartless jogger who was caught on camera tossing a homeless man's belongings into a lake is arrested and charged with robbery

A heartless jogger who was caught on camera trashing a homeless man's camp and throwing his belongings into a lake has been arrested. Henry William Sintay was taken into custody in Oakland, California on Monday and charged with robbery. The 30-year-old was filmed on Friday destroying the camp set up next to Lake Merritt where homeless man Greg Markson, who goes by the nickname Drew, had been living. Despite outraged bystanders pleading for Sintay to stop, he continued to rummage through the belongings before tossing some into the lake and a trash can. Source

* Hey! if you object then tell all those who attend the new mass to behave themselves!