The Flower/Candle Memorial For 2011 Liege Attack Didn't Stop Today's 2018 Liege Attack

13 December 2011
7 Dead
125 Injured

Makeshift street memorial for bombing victims 

A group of young women leave candles as a memorial on Dec. 14 at the site of the Dec. 13 gun and grenade attack that shook the city of Liege, Belgium. Around lunch time on Tuesday, a lone gunman named Nordine Amrani launched an attack in the busy marketplace of central Place Saint-Lambert, leaving four dead and 125 people wounded before killing himself. Source

Seven Years Later.......

29 May 2018
3 Dead

Everyone said that Nordine Amrani was not a Muslim Convert.

I say he was.

Today the Media is quick to point out that today's attacker was radicalized.

Claiming that the 2011 Liege attack was not terror related did not stop today's attack - now did it.

The Media and Government officals can lie all they want - it will not change anything.

The Muslims will continue to kill and the whites who convert to Islam will kill as well.

Lying and covering up the evils of Islam will not stop the next terror attack.

See post on the very day of the 2011 attack:

As for the flower arrangements and the holding of hands and the moments of silence - these will not stop the next terror attack either.

I will post soon enough the pics of the coming shrines for today's attack.