JEW Bloomberg On How To Stop Next Spree Shooting: Americans Don't Need "Thoughts And Prayers" NEED MORE LAWS!

Let's listen to a JEW on how to stop the next Spree Shooting:

Americans don't need "thoughts and prayers." They need lawmakers brave enough to act

There are many unanswered questions about the man who shot and killed at least 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday. In the days ahead, more facts will emerge. But the most common question -- could anything have been done to stop him? -- will also be the most difficult to answer, the most hotly debated, and the most irrelevant for public policy.If the goal is to stop future shooting sprees -- and it should be -- the right question to ask is simple: What steps can be taken to reduce their likelihood? Nothing can change what happened, and no law can stop every murderous madman. But by examining data and evidence, there are ways to increase the chances that future plots can be foiled, and to mitigate the harm that the successful ones inflict. That's why Congress banned fully automatic rifles, for instance, and created the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Both have saved countless lives. Source


No more prayers or thoughts - just more Laws!


All three are useless.

The only way to bring about peace and unity in Our Nation and World is to restore the Holy SACRIFICE of the MASS to its proper place in society. That means that ALL Heresy must be vanquished by closing all 'Churches' not in Union with Roman Catholic Church.

Heresy is an sin against God. All Protestant sects offend God.

Heresy breeds violence against neighbor (history of the Protestant revolt is evidence of this)

Here from 400 years ago:

Two things, have always been much recommended by God, and highly esteemed by men of all sect, and sorts, who firmly believed that there was a God who extended his providence over mankind; first the honor of God, and peace with him; and secondly unity, peace and society amongst themselves. And these two, have always been, chiefly maintained amongst men, by a particular, visible Sacrifice, first offered unto Go upon an Altar, as a scared sign of the invisible Sacrifice of their hearts unto him; and after eaten, or communicated amongst themselves. By offering visible Sacrifice upon an Altar unto God, they solemnly protected the sacrifice of their hearts unto him, publicly adored him with the honor of Latria, or divine worship, which is due only unto him; and visibly made profession of peace, unity, and society with him, and amongst themselves: and by eating of the same Sacrifice, which had been offered unto God, they ratified and established the same peace, and unity, as partakers of that meat, with they had offered unto God for a sacred sign of common union, as generally manifest by experience, in all sects, and sorts of people, of former ages, who firmly believed, there was a God, and that his Providence was not wanting in the government of mankind. Anonymus Eremita 1637

To restore the Mass is the duty of the Church.

One more thing is needed to unite men and reconcile men with God & that is to restore the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

The Pope to rule Supreme in spiritual.

The Roman Emperor to rule Supreme in Temporal.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to unite men and reconcile men with God

Without these three things - peace is impossible.