LOL! Convert & Gun Nut Ann Barnhardt Condemns Strict SSPX Rubrics Of The Mass As Nothing But Satanic Narcissism! But Ann Is Never Careless When It Comes To Trigger Management & Keeping Your Powder Dry!

But DN is EVERYWHERE in the Church, including Traddyland. The big tell amongst Trads is hyper liturgical fetishism. I’m all about excellence in liturgy, but when you see people raging and throwing shit-fits over how many inches a priest moves his hand when blessing a cruet, or some such, RED. FLIPPING. FLAG. As I was warned a while back by a wise priest who has been around more than one block, “My dear, NEVER mistake liturgical fetishism for religion….” Indeed
Liturgical Fetishists? Are these the same as Grammar Nazis that troll Catholic Blog Posts? LOL!

Who in the hell is Ann talking about?

SSPX mass attending laity? Who knows? She doesn't say.

Who is Ann Barnhardt?

Ann (for those that may not know) is a girl.

Ann is also a convert to the Catholic Faith.
 I was received into the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church on April 7, ARSH 2007.
Ann will not shut up. 

This is 2016. Ann has been in the church for only nine years. Yet she claims a right to influence other Latin Mass attending Catholics. Why does Ann have this right?

I don't know. Ann never claim she got this right from God to teach others about the faith. Ann went out on her own. She was never called by God.

This is the same girl who posted the Lutheran version of the Our Father on her blog for a few years, before Ann realized that there is a Catholic Our Father and a Protestant Our Father. I guess no one ever told Ann that the Catholic Our Father has Seven Petitions and the Lutheran version has the added: 
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen
Yea...hey, Ann, when did you catch on that you were posting the Lutheran version of the Our Father? Whoops! I guess pointing out to you, your foolish use of the Lutheran Our Father on your "Catholic" blog was some sort of fetishism or Diabolical Narcissism on the part of others!

Oh...and lest we forget that Ann the Convert was quick to put a gun in the hand of EVERY APOSTLE and EVERY MARTYR and even in the HANDS OF THE BLESSED MOTHER to justify her obsession with guns.

Yea...nothing demonic like turning the Saints and the Mother of God into gun nuts! Yea....nothing wrong there.

Well back to Ann's latest insight on the rubrics of the Liturgy.

Ann does not name, names. She can't. Because there is no one who attends that Latin mass who would complain about the how many inches a priest moves his hand when blessing a cruet. This is a straw man argument. For if there where some soul who did such a thing, Ann would surely be the one to out such a person. But then again, Ann claims to attend only FSSP Masses. Maybe there is some poor soul who complains about the rubrics of the Mass at the FSSP chapels? but I would not know. Nor have I seen any blog posts nit picking a properly said Latin Mass. Two inches instead of Three inches? You're out of you mind Ann!

I do know about the complaints by the laymen who attend the New Mass:
Is Liturgical Abuse a Serious Matter?   
The Church is of the mind that liturgical abuse is, at times, a grave issue: It is not possible to be silent about the abuses, even quite grave ones, against the nature of the Liturgy and the Sacraments as well as the tradition and the authority of the Church, which in our day not infrequently plague liturgical celebrations in one ecclesial environment or another. In some places the perpetration of liturgical abuses has become almost habitual, a fact which obviously cannot be allowed and must cease
The above was posted by a friend of Ann's - a SODOMITE - Gary Michael Voris. He, like Ann, have become the darlings of Traddyland. Interesting, both Ann & Gary arrived on the scene at about the same time....

Is there Liturgical abuse? Yes there is, its call the new mass.

Is that Satanic for saying such? No of course not.

Do Priests saying the Latin Mass make mistakes on the Altar? Yes they do. But a good majority of the Laity don't pay attention. Its the Priest who know what he did or failed to do on the Altar.

I'm sure Ann stays away from the SSPX Masses because she knows that all the laity are taking notes on the smallest missteps of the Priest saying Mass! LOL!