Heretic Simcha Fisher Demands That Children Disrupt The Stripped And Barren New Mass!! The More Distraction & Noise The Better!!

Screaming Voices In My Head During Mass Make Them Stop!!

LOL!! & who cares!

This is the stripped and barren New Mass we're talking about here. So all goes at the stripped and barren new mass. It's not going to change into something reverent - No! The stripped and barren new mass was created to destroy the fruit of contemplation in a soul! No one should complain about the constant noise found at a stripped and barren new mass.  If you want peace - go the Latin Mass.

Heretic Simcha Fisher a real nasty bitch who wants noise and distraction at the mass she attends - if people aren't yelling, talking and screaming its not REAL!!

Again LOL! & who cares!

Thank God there is a stripped and barren new mass for all the crazy unwashed to attend - please by all means attend only the new mass and keep your noisy family at those rites! 

Can you imagine if these loud mouth morons decided to attend a SSPX Latin Mass?

Here is Simcha defending her loud mouth undisciplined children's behavior  at the stripped and barren new mass:
Some kid noise at Mass is unavoidable, and should be welcome in any parish that wishes to survive. Many parents are trying harder than it appears to outsiders. Many kids have invisible disabilities, and many parents have invisible crosses. God is not honored by an hour-long litany of mental kvetching every week. The Church is not a museum, a silent retreat, or an old folks’ home..blah blah blah....
The Mass is not a private time. It’s a time to worship God with other people. We feel that kids belong at Mass, both for their benefit and for the benefit of the congregation. We gradually increase our expectations of our kids until they eventually participate as fully in the Mass as any adult.....blah blah blah....
I refuse to attend the stripped and barren new mass because of people like Simcha Fisher and her irritating kids & now I don't worry about being distracted by idiots. At a Latin Mass people know how to behave - at the stripped and barren new mass those in attendance think that they are still in their living room watching TV and playing video games.

So let Simcha Fisher waste a lot of ink and time defending rude behavior at the stripped and barren new mass......who. really. cares..