Video: Shia Muslims Mock Roman Catholic Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa By Exaggerated Public Display Of Beating Their Breasts

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa 

Of knocking our breast, at Mea culpa.
1. In bewailing our sins, we knock our breasts three several times, saying these words, Mea culpa. Wherein three things may aptly be observed: the stroke, the sound, and the feeling: to signify three things, very requisite unto perfect Penance: to wit, Contrition of heart, signifying by the stroke: Confession of mouth, signified by the sound: & Satisfaction of work, signified by the hurt, or feeling.

2. We knock, or smite our breasts: to show thereby, that we are truly & inwardly sorry, and that we could find in our hearts, to be revenged of our selves for our offenses.

3. Thereby to make our hard & stony hearts more soft, by often beating and knocking.

4. Therefore, we now strike them in our selves, that God may not strike them in us hereafter.

5. And lastly, we knock our breast, after the example of the devout Publican, who knocked his breast, saying God be merciful to me a sinner: that so we may depart justified to our own houses. Luc.18.13.

Of the ancient practice of the repeating the Confiteor before Mass.
The practice of the Confession before mass is, and ever hath been very ancient in the Catholic Church, as appeareth out of Micrologus, who plainly testify, that Confession was always mad at Mass. And the Mass of St. James the Apostle, beginneth from Confession Azor.lib.10.Instit.Moral.pag.1634.

That's why Catholics beat their breast during the Confiteor.

Now why do Muslims publicly beat both breast putting themselves into a frenzy?

Now you can say that beating of the breasts is some sort of Muslim tradition that reminds them of some event. But what is the event? Its unclear, because there are conflicting stories. One story is that these Muslims are mourning a Muslim Martyr.

What is more reasonable is that Muslims took to this tradition of beating their breasts as a form of mocking the Roman Catholics who beat their breasts during the Mass at the Confiteor.

Most of what the Muslims believe is taken from the Catholic faith mixed up with Jewish beliefs. It is said that the Koran was written by Jew Rabbis and that Muhammad took possession of the book as his own.  Jews wrote the Koran to lead weak souls from the Catholic faith.

The Jews hate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and have mocked the Ceremonies of the Mass through out the ages. The Exaggerated beating of the breasts is one example of a Jew mockery of the Mass.

Now you can believe this Muslim story is just a simple and harmless remembrance of a Muslim who died in battle? Or you can see it for what it truly is - a bizarre and Satanic ritual created by the Jews to Mock God and the Confiteor of Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Satan will mock God any chance he gets and Satan will use men as instruments to get the mocking done.

Simple - the Jews came up with the idea of mocking the Catholic custom of quietly knocking the breast during the confiteor at Mass by exaggerated jesters, And the Jews passed this Satanic mockery onto the weak willed Muslims who incorporated this Satanic ritual into Islam.