LOL! Roman Catholic Girls In Europe Now Forced To Cover Up During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass! BECAUSE NEWLY ARRIVED MUSLIM REFUGEES ARE TEMPTED TO RAPE THEM!!!!

Chapel Veil Or No Chapel Veil
Do I Wanna Get Raped Today or Not?

Muslim men are raping teenage girls in Germany, these are the newly arrived Muslims who are said to be fleeing war torn countries. The Muslims men behave just the same as they did at home. They are savages and will rape and pillage everywhere they set foot.

Muslims that arrived in Pocking, Bavaria, Germany are housed in facilitates right next door to a girl's high school. The Muslim men ogle the underage girls that arrive for school every morning. Whoopin and a holering and carrying on. Many of the Muslim men then Masturbate behind the fence. 

Letter sent to parents and posted on school doors warning the girls that they must cover up so as not to tempt the horny Muslim men.

In a letter sent to parents, Martin Thalhammer, head of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium in the town of Pocking, Bavaria—which has a normal population of around 15,000—female pupils have been asked to refrain from wearing “revealing clothes” because “refugee accommodation” has been set up next to the school’s gym. New Observer Read More>>>>>
Now an observation - if its true that only Muslim families - men women & children are looking for refuge then don't you think that the lonely and horny Muslim men would look to their single Muslim females for comfort?

Yea...that tells you that the majority of Muslim refugees are MEN. 90% of Refugees are Muslim Males.

I Guess Its Still Possible To Be Pretty When Covered Up? 
Not Some Ugly Muslim Bitch

These Muslims do not know chastity. Muslim men, like protestant men, have no need to remain in a state of grace protecting their purity of heart. Its not in their vocabulary. So they will engage in every perverted activity under the sun still thinking that they are holy for saying their incantations five times a day.

So this example of Catholic girls being made to cover up during school will soon be the standard in the Catholic Churches? Why? Because Pope Francis has ordered all Parishes in Europe to house Muslim men in Catholic Churches.

Just think your teenage daughter who doesn't dress properly now for Mass even though Jesus Christ Crucified is present during Mass, will now be forced to dress modestly because of the many Muslim men sleeping in the pews who just might be tempted to reach up and rape the girls right then and there during Mass!

What Catholic men & priests could not do these last 50 years - make women wear proper attire during Mass - The Muslims can!

The Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium headmaster’s letter warned the students against wearing immodest clothes, and announced that the school’s gym had been shut down—and the Physical Education (PE) classes normally held there moved to a neighboring primary school. 
“The Syrian citizens are mainly Muslims and speak Arabic. The refugees are marked by their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be adhered to. Revealing tops or blouses, shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.” 
The “misunderstandings” to which the letter refers are, of course, sexual attacks upon the white girls, as has happened everywhere else where Third World males have been allowed free rein in European communities. New Observer Read More>>>>>
Girl: "Honey, I wont dress modestly for Mass or for Jesus Christ Crucified in the Blessed Sacrament, BUT I WILL NOW DRESS MODESTLY BECAUSE THERE ARE MUSLIM MEN PRESENT!!

Modern day Mass attending Catholic Chick says:

I won't dress modestly during mass.....

1. For The Good Of My Own Soul
2. For The Good Of My Neighbor
3. For My Guardian Angel
4. For The Blessed Mother
5. For Jesus Christ Crucified in the Blessed Sacrament


LOL! you can't make this shit up!

Dress Like A Catholic Lady