Of The Stole

Crucifixion with Saints and Noli Me Tangere 
around 1350


Of The Stole

And how, by the same is signified, the yoke of Obedience.

1. By the Stole, is signified the yoke of obedience, whereunto our meek Lord submitted himself for our salvation. Take up my yoke upon you Mat.11.29. Which thing the Priest, shows himself ready to perform by kissing the same, both when he putteth it on, and when he putteth is off: expressing by this ceremony, the desire and resignation, wherewith he willingly submitteth himself, under the yoke of our Saviour Christ.

How meekness and humility.

2. In that it extendeth or reacheth to the knees (whose office is to bend and bow) it admonisheth us, of meekness and humility.  Discite a me quia mitis sum & humili corde. Learn of me. beacuse I am meek and humble of heart. Mat.11.29

How Perseverance.

3. The stole, by the length thereof, doth put us in mind of the virtue of perseverance: For he that persevereth unto the end, shall be saved Mat.10.

How prudence in prosperity, and patience in adversity.

4. It is folded before the breast, in the form of a cross, from the right side to the left: to admonish us, that we must use prudence in prosperity, and patience in adversity, and that we be neither puffed up by the one, nor dejected by the other.

How the carrying of the Cross.

5. The resting thereof upon the shoulders: may put us in the mind of the Cross, which with other instruments of the Passion, our Lord was forced, to carry to the place of execution, upon his sore, and weary shoulders. Or the rope or cord, wherewith they hastily drew and haled him forwards, to the mount of Calvary.

The Prayer.

The Priest, in putting on the same prayeth, saying, Redde milhi Domine stolars immortalitatis &c. Render unto me. O Lord the Stole of immortality, which I have lost in the prevarication of our first parent: and although I approach unworthily to thy holy mystery, I may nevertheless deserve to attain everlasting joy and felicity.

A Devout Exposition Of The Holy Masse 1622

By John Heigham