Of The Maniple

c. 1340

Of The Maniple

And by how the same is signified persecution for the faith of Christ

1. The Priest putting the Maniple upon his left arm. doeth kiss the same: to put us in mind, of the readiness of heart, wherewith we ought willingly and gladly to suffer persecution, for the faith of Christ: because, Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven Mat.5.10.

How the contempt of earthly things.

2.  By the putting thereof, upon the left arm, we are admonished, that we ought to be strict and sparing, in seeking after earthly things, but free and discharged in seeking after Heavenly. According to the counsel of our Saviour, saying Seek first the kingdom of God, and the justice of him, and all these things shall be given you besides. Matt.6.23.

How Christ's Humility, combat for justice, and tender affection towards us.

3.According to some others, the Maniple put up[on the left arm, signify the humility of Christ in this life. As also his continual combat for justice, according to St. Bonaventure. And because the left arm is the nearest to the heart, it may likewise signify the great love and tender affection, which our blessed Lord and Saviour, carried towards us. 

How sorrow and contrition for sin.

4. The putting of the Maniple upon the left arm, may likewise put us in mind of sorrow and contrition for our defects. For as sins are committed by sinister actions, so may they be signified, by the left arm. And even as in the soul of a sinner, there ought to be continual sorrow and grief for his offences, committed against the majesty of Almighty God: so is it also good reason, that on his left arm, the Priest (who needeth daily to offer Sacrifice, not only for hi own, but also for the sins of the people) should carry some external sign, of the internal sorrow, which both he and they ought to have, for this occasion, imitating herein St. Peter, whose abundance of tears, which issued from his eyes, in the bewailing of his offences, was so great, that he had marks of them, like little gutters in his cheeks and for this cause, continual carried in his hand or bosom, some napkin wherewith to wipe them away.

How the cords wherewith our Lord was violently bound

5. The same being applied to the instruments of our Lords most holy Passion, most properly represeneth, the hard rough and boisterous cords, wherewith he was rudely and cruelly bound, when he was lead from place to place, and from one judge to another. Luc.21.3.

The Prayer.

6. The Priest, in putting on this Maniple, prayeth, saying: Mereor Domine portare, &c. Let me merit O Lord, to beare the Maniple of weeping and sorrow, that I may receive the recompense of my labor with exultation.

A Devout Exposition Of The Holy Masse 1622 

By John Heigham