Damian Thompson Asks: Does Pope Francis Approve Of Liturgical Dancing? Of Course He Does Just Watch His Tango Mass!

Damian Thompson: This strange display of dancing forms part of a Catholic Mass. Pope Benedict would have had a fit if he'd seen it. But what does Pope Francis make of "liturgical dancing" – a ghastly trend that featured in the Wicker Man-style liturgies of 1970s trendies? We thought it had died out, but as you can see it's reappeared in Trier in Germany, hotbed of trendy Catholicism. Is it on its way over here? Heaven forfend! The last thing we want are bossy and buxom "eucharistic ministers" – many of them a little more advanced in years than the lady filmed here – turning the service into a lumbering floor show Daily Telegraph

Damian Thompson asks if Pope Francis approves of liturgical dancing? The answer of course he does! 

Just view the video:

Video Of A TANGO MASS Said By The Future Pope Francis! Two Tango Dancers Rubbing Up Against Each Other At The Foot Of The Altar!!