Dante Alighieri's Prophetic Vision Of The Stripping Of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass Of Most Of Its Prayers & Ceremonies By Pontiff Paul VI

Carrying the Cross (detail)
"For forty years the venerable Roman Rite underwent a passion whereby it was stripped, buffeted, scourged, mocked, crucified and declared dead." Michael J. Matt
“It is not appropriate to speak of these two versions of the Roman Missal as if they were "two Rites". Rather, it is a matter of a twofold use of one and the same rite.” Pope Benedict XVI Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum
The New Mass and the Old Mass are one and same rite. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been stripped of most of its prayers and ceremonies by Pope Paul VI and the faithful are left with a stripped and barren tree. The New Mass is a tree that bears no fruit. The New Mass is a barren tree. But the New Mass is still the Mass none the less. Many medieval writers when comparing the Mass to the Tree tell us that when a tree is stripped of its bark, stripped of its leaves and stripped of its flowers it then becomes difficult for the tree to bear any fruit. So it is the same with the Mass, when its Ceremonies and Prayers ( bark, blossoms, foliage) are stripped from the Mass, then it makes it much more difficult for the faithful to bear spiritual fruit. The churchmen are to blame for this crime.

The following is Dante's prophetic vision of the stripping the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (tree) of most of it’s prayers (bark, blossoms, foliage new) by the Holy Roman Pontiff (bird of Jove). In this canto xxxii of purgatorio Dante describes the Holy Father (Pope Paul VI) making havoc on the Mass, and this canto also describes the continual papal attack made on the rights of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor (chariot). Dante warned us in his poem of the modern day actions of the churchmen in destroying this Sacred Institution of the Holy Roman Emperor and trying to replace it with the modern UN & EU:

As I beheld the bird of Jove descend
Down through the tree, rending away the bark,
As well as blossoms and the foliage new,
And he with all his might the chariot smote,
Whereat it reeled, like vessel in a tempest
Tossed by the waves, now starboard and now larboard.

Michael Matt writes as follows:
"Today, thanks to Benedict XVI, the passion has ended and the old Mass has risen from the dead. Against tremendous opposition from his own bishops, various liberal Jewish groups, and far-left political extremists, this courageous Pontiff has breathed new life into the traditional Mass movement that will sustain it for decades to come. The ‘most beautiful thing this side of heaven’ is here to stay!" Michael Matt

Mr. Matt is a little too optimistic, the new Mass is the Forma Ordinaria. Nothing has changed with the Motu Proprio. Still, all of the faithful are left with a stripped and barren tree, the new Mass “continues to be the normal Form – the Forma ordinaria” and will remain so for an indefinite time until the follow event occurs as foretold by Dante 700 years ago:

"Blessed are you, whose beak does not, o griffin,
pluck the sweet-tasting fruit that is forbidden
and then afflicts the belly that has eaten!"
So, round the robust tree, the others shouted;
and the two-natured animal: "Thus is
the seed of every righteous man preserved."
And turning to the pole-shaft he had pulled,
he drew it to the foot of the stripped tree
and, with a branch of that tree, tied the two.
Just like our plants that, when the great light falls
on earth, mixed with the light that shines behind
the stars of the celestial Fishes, swell
with buds-each plant renews its coloring
before the sun has yoked its steeds beneath
another constellation: so the tree,
whose boughs-before-had been so solitary,
was now renewed, showing a tint that was
less than the rose, more than the violet.

Purgatorio xxxii:

The tree represents The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Griffin represents The Imperial Electors. The Griffin's two natures represent the two natures of the Imperial Electors who are made up of the five Royal Electors & three Priestly Electors. The Chariot represents the sacred office of the Holy Roman Emperor.

Only when the Chariot is bound to the Tree by the Griffin will the tree renew itself. Only when the Imperial Electors elect the Holy Roman Emperor will the World see the renewal of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

When the above takes place as foretold by Dante, then the Latin Mass will become the Forma Ordinaria.

If the above interpretation of Dante's griffin is correct, that it represents the Imperial Electors, then the above analysis on the Mass is correct. Only time will tell.

Some commentators on canto xxx and xxxi claim that Beatrice rebukes Dante over his political errors. My interpretation of this rebuke by Beatrice is over Dante's political error on the Imperial Electors which he held early in his career. Dante corrected this error in his de Monarchia by writing that the Imperial Electors are the "proclaimers of Divine Providence" which takes nothing away from the Divine origin of the authority of The Holy Roman Emperor. The office of the Imperial Electors was created by the Pope, so some would say that the authority of The Holy Roman Emperor is therefore from the Pope. Which is incorrect, and this is the political error that Dante might have held on the authority of the Holy Roman Emperor that was in turn rebuked by Beatrice. Once this Imperial Election takes place the world will witness the coming of the Greyhound or DXV (515):

For verily I see, and hence narrate it,
The stars already near to bring the time,
From every hindrance safe, and every bar,
Within which a Five-hundred, Ten, and Five,
One sent from God, shall slay the thievish woman
And that same giant who is sinning with her.
And peradventure my prophecy, obscure as
Themis and the Sphinx, may less persuade thee,
Since, in their mode, it clouds the intellect;
But soon the facts shall be the Naiades
Who shall this difficult enigma solve,
Without destruction of the flocks and harvests.